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You and Your Significant Other

Looking at Your Relationship with Your Partner

  • Started Feb 10
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This Seminar will cover: 1-Rules of the Relationship 2-Fear of Loving another person too much 3-Time for one another 4-The fight for Dominance 5-Male and Female roles 6-Money in the Relationship 7-Relationship with the in-laws 8-The Children in the Relationship 9-Children from Past Relationship 10-Being attractive for the other person 11-Friendship 12-Not becoming the Mother or Father in the Relationship 13-Being Committed 14-The Energy Field of the Relationship 15-Sickness in the Relationship 16-Forgiveness 17-Substance Abuse 18-Men and Women as they rise one another 19-Understanding one another 20-Working on Problems as a Team 21-Seven Planes Protection 22-Beliefs that Blocks Intimacy and Trust 23-True Commitment 24-Meditation of Love 25-Saving a Relationship 26-Family Aura

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