Feng Shui

Use the Feng Shui knowledge to Harmonize Your Home and Your Office!

  • 1 hour
  • 88 US dollars
  • Online Sessions

Service Description

Feng Shui carries within itself the Chinese ancient knowledges, bringing us the harmony and peace in between us and the environment where we live. In Feng Shui we do balance our lives in 9 sections, including: Family, Wealth and Prosperity, Fame and Reputation, Love and Partnership, Children and Creativity, Friends and Travel, Career, Knowledge, and Health. Radiesthesia is the Ancient Science and knowledge of the elements' vibration that surrounds us. The science of radiesthesia gives us the possibility to block all negative energies, such as radiation from the electronics, energy of the water, water memories, plumbing, windows, and other people. Moreover Radiesthesia gives us the possibility to manifest abundance and accelerate dreams to come true. Domotherapy is the combination of ancient knowledge of not only Feng Shui and Radiesthesia, but also Energy Organization, Chakras, Natural Elements and the application of Interior Design. This connection of knowledge enhances everything that surrounds us with a positive energetic charge, making our day-to-day responsibilities lighter and favoring the realization of dreams. Through a consultation, we will plan your home to be energy balanced, so that the energy of abundance prevails and harmony is installed. Remember to connect with your heart, feel the calling, schedule your virtual session, and live a family life with happiness and harmony!! With Light and Love, Michele Junqueira

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