Arcturian Healing

Experience the Healing of the Arcturians Sacred Geometry!

  • 1 hour
  • 88 US dollars
  • Online Sessions

Service Description

The Arcturian Sacred Geometry was channeled by Clarindo Melchizedek with the message it was time for the human beings to be awaken to remember their true essence and to rediscover themselves as a Being of Love and Peace. The Arcturian energetic codes connect with the energies of Arcturus and with the Higher Self of the Human Being to open channels of pure energy and healing. These channels help us to: Clear mental blocks Clean up paradigms in which we find ourselves trapped Free us from fear Harmonize our chakras Balance the feminine and masculine energies Increase the vibration frequencies Bring cure Bring protection Bring light Increase manifestations Eliminate stress Connect with true love Clean up negative energy Bring us the spiritual awakening Find ourselves again Clarindo add the this important message: "Every soul on the planet has a printed program that would be 'the destiny of the soul'. Each individual has a separate path or program, but the combination of all paths moves towards a unity for a mission. Many souls are so lost in the planet today that they may not recover from that journey of forgetfulness in this life. " So, I invite you to an Arcturian Multidimensional Therapy online session and classes to rise up, light up and be reunited with your soul purpose. Sign up, remember and empower yourself with Light and Love!! Michele Junqueira

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