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Embrace Your Sensitive Soul

Manifesting Your Healing, Soulmate, Soul's Purpose, and Abundance
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"We can judge our health by our happiness."

Dr. Bach


Michele Junqueira

ThetaHealer Instructor
Arcturian Master
Akashic Records Reader
MultiDimensional Therapist
Feng Shui Consultant
Sensory Integration Specialist

Michele Junqueira has a life trajectory working as an Occupational Therapist at an Early Intervention Program in Massachusetts and helping the community on child development and family unity. In this trajectory, Michele brings the significant pillars of the importance of emotional health in our lives.

After all, our emotions travel with us through time and space, through generations and through past lives. Emotions determine everything we attract to our current lives and the patterns of our life.

From a very young age, Michele had access to her purpose of helping people connect with their emotions, their uniqueness and their soul purpose while enjoying the amazing way to live on Planet Earth.

Being able to connect these emotions by processing them in this present moment and what is carried over from the past, as well as reframing those feelings and emotional traumas that once existed, is being able to open a new door to a present and a future filled life of abundance.

Michele is a ThetaHealing Instructor, Master of the Arcturian Multidimensional Healing System, Akashic Records Reader, Multidimensional Therapist and Feng Shui Consultant. She has been implementing this broad aspect of knowledge to help individuals, families, employees and employers ascend their soul uniqueness in the light and progress of a present moment within peace, productivity and meaning.

Her purpose is to help everyone in their spiritual development to co-create a life conducive to unconditional love and peace, as well as guide people to a life of unlimited abundance. Thus, illuminating our physical, psychological, emotional and spiritual path.

So join this journey of individual or group sessions as well as classes to become a self-healer!!! Experience a lifetime of manifestation of anything you desire!

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Why use Healing Meditation Techniques?

It can help with

Find Your most Compatible Soul Mate

Many of us keep searching for true love, when in reality both of you need to be ready to meet. The manifestation of a soulmate will align you both in the same pathway.

Align your Chakras

A balanced life starts with the alignment of the Chakras to connect your uniqueness from Heaven to Earth.

Future Readings

Access the information you are looking for to make decisions based on the Highest and Best for you!

Balance your Sacred Feminine and Masculine Energies

A lot of relationship troubles, physical pain and and mental misalignment are connected with our inability to successfully connect with out Sacred Feminine and Masculine. Healing those energies and balancing them out will bring you the amazing life you are looking for!

Connect with your Guardian Angels

Our Guardian Angels are always trying to send us messages and communicate with us. So, let's experience this unique conscious message.

Connect with your Ancestors

Our Ancestors transfers knowledge and beliefs to our DNA for at least 7 generations. Some of those are not beneficial for our survival anymore, so clearing them is a great way to co-create our destiny. This also allows you to heal 7 generations past and future, honoring the parts that move your family forward!

Heal your Family with the Beings of Light

Bring your intentions to heal you and your family members and see your soul through Your Heart Chakra! All your memories are kept in your Heart Chakra from your Soul's life time. 

Divine Timing 

Access your Devine Timing to start a new project, invest in a new business, buy a property, travel etc.

Manifest Your Abundance

Taking charge of your life is possible, as you can manifest your reality by healing beliefs that does not serve to you anymore. 

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